Unique Art Glass zipper pulls
Moose or Caribou Antler zipper pulls
Cute, Sporty Akzipps style
Antler Tips zipper pulls
Just Bone Zipper Pulls
"Just Bone" $8.00 ea.
"Cute Flowers" $10.00 ea.
"Manly Man" $15.00 ea.
"Just Fancier" and "Skulls" Bone Zipper Pulls
Cute Flowers ak zipp style
Bone-ified Antler zipper pulls
"Fancier Bone" $10.00 ea. "Bigger Bone" $12.00 ea.
"Cute/Sporty" $8.00 ea.
"Bone-ified" $10.00 ea.
Live Fish Dead Fish and Little Dragonflies Zipper Pulls
Animals, Hearts,Fancy and Elegant Akzipps Style
Piece of AK with colorful art glass zipper pulls
"Live Fish" $8.00 ea.
"Dead Fish" $8.00 ea.
"Small Dragonfly" $8.00 ea.
"Animal/Hearts" $12.00 ea. "Fancy/Elegant" $12.00 ea.
"Piece of AK" $10.00 ea.
Large Dragonflies Zipper Pulls
For the Fans Akzipps Style
Manly Chunks zipper pulls
Black/White "Fly" $10.00 ea.
"For The Fans" $14.00 & up.
"Manly Chunks" $10.00 ea.

Welcome, you have entered the House of Alaskan Zipper Pulls by Tassita Tonena.  I like to think of my AK Zipps as unique pieces of wearable art work!  Keeps it fun for everyone.  As you can see from the photo on my home page (Market Booth), I have more then a few to pick from! First, because they are all one of a kind, it is a little odd, you email me what you are looking for: materials, colors, styles, prices . . . (Girlie, Manly-man, Bold, Sporty, Elegant).  Then from your list, I will email you photos for you to pick from.  You get to make sure, it is what you want! You email or just call me with the ones you like.  I accept Credit Card over the PHONE, ONLY! Website/Email is not safe.  I will also get your mailing info at the same time.  You may also send a Money Order, Please, make it out/mail to the info on the bottom of page.  I do hold the order, until the funds have cleared the bank.  Usually, it takes about (10) days after deposit has been placed.  I just want you to be aware of the shipping delay.  Speaking of shipping, I charge ($6.00) six dollars for shipping/handling in the U.S.  If you are ordering from other then the U.S., Please let me know what country, from the get go!  So, I have time to research the postage.  Hate to tell you one thing and it turns out be another.  Please check the photos above to get familiar with the different sytles and prices.  You can also use this order form.  Please do not add any credit card info in the form's comment area.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me any time!  Thanks for playing in my house! Tassita ;-)

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